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  • The difference between Strategies & Solutions with our competitors lies in the fact that our services has benefited from a dual vision since the work teams comprise seasoned professionals with vast expertise in the management of local and multinational corporations, and also experts in the design and implementation of business solutions.
  • The professional background of our experts includes more than 10 years of experience in executive positions and active participation in business, advisory, establishment of alliances, design and implementation of profitable strategies in the short and long term. Likewise, our employees have been part of the Big Four Firms of consultancy and financial advisory.
  • We are a pioneering consultancy services Firm in Latin America. We provide integrated solutions including not only the design of effective strategies, but also the implementation, post-implementation, adjustment and training of officials entrusted with their execution. Because of that, our clients consider that the services provided by our Firm potentiate the development of a competitive advantage and generate added value for all stakeholders.
  • Our corporate services are based on the best business practices associated to particularized business processes applying to a given industry. For this reason, our clients always perceive our services as broadly distinctive from the normally solutions provided in the market.
  • Our correspondent relationship with DFK International—a global company headquartered at London and ranking among the top 10 international associations of firms specializing in consultancy and business services—constitutes a seal of guarantees about the quality and ethical standards applied in our services.